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Bringing Ukrainian Contemporary Art to the Global Audience

Located in West Hollywood, Art Axcess is a contemporary art gallery open by appointment only.

Art Axcess Gallery

opened in 2023 by Lia Snisarenko, is a distinctive platform dedicated to promoting contemporary Ukrainian Art in the United States. The gallery exists at the intersection of two diverse and vibrant cultures, aiming to provide an enriching dialogue between Ukraine and the US through the universal language of Art.

Lia Snisarenko

Lia Snisarenko

brings a wealth of knowledge to Art Axcess from her background as an Advisor for Western Contemporary Art in addition to her Ukrainian roots. Her professional trajectory, which includes significant stints in New York and Los Angeles, has equipped her with a deep understanding of the art market, curatorial practices, and the nuances of artistic expression. This knowledge inspired her to create a unique gallery space in West Hollywood, operating on an appointment-only basis.

Our mission

is to introduce and establish emerging and mid-career Ukrainian artists within the Western art scene. We represent a diverse roster of artists whose work encompasses a range of mediums and techniques, reflecting the multifaceted nature of contemporary Ukrainian Art.

We believe in the power of storytelling to highlight the evolution of an artist’s style, the influences that have shaped their work, and the ways in which they contribute to and diverge from the broader trends in contemporary art.

At Art Axcess, we are more than just a gallery; we are a conduit for cultural exchange, a platform for underrepresented voices, and a catalyst for new perspectives in the Western Art scene. We invite you to join us in our mission to showcase the dynamic and engaging world of contemporary Ukrainian Art.



Yevhen Lisniak

We are open by appointment only. To book the visit use the link below

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