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About Art Axcess


We are an advisory firm that provides strategic guidance throughout the contemporary art world.

Meet the Founder

Lia Snisarenko

is an international art advisor, curator, and founder of Art Axcess Advisory, specializing in mid-career and emerging contemporary artists from North America and Europe. Known for her keen eye for talent and astute industry knowledge, Lia is guided by her mission to make contemporary art accessible to everyone.
With over 5+ years of experience in the international art market, Lia founded Art Axcess Advisory in 2019, based in Los Angeles. Before moving to LA, she was a partner at Abramovych Gallery in Kyiv, Ukraine. Lia played a critical role in bridging the gap between Eastern European and Western art markets, promoting Ukrainian artists in the USA and Europe.
Before establishing herself in the art industry, Lia worked as a marketing executive for various companies in the fashion, hospitality, and travel sectors. She has held positions in New York, Dubai, and Kyiv, which has provided her with a unique international perspective and a vast network.

An accomplished scholar, Lia holds a Master’s degree from the Kyiv University of Culture and Arts, a Master’s in Business from the University of Wollongong in Dubai, and has studied at Christie’s Education in New York. She is also a META-certified digital marketer, equipping her with the skills to navigate and promote the world of contemporary art in the digital era.

Her notable achievements and art projects include advising clients on art acquisitions, placing artworks into prestigious collections in New York, Florida, and California, and educating new clients on the intricacies of contemporary art. In addition, Lia has developed an online course, “5 Steps into the Contemporary Art Scene with Art Axcess,” designed to bring a deeper understanding of contemporary art to a broader audience. Furthermore, she has authored insightful art market reports on major contemporary art fairs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lia is a passionate supporter of community involvement and has made charitable contributions to various organizations focused on the arts. Her personal interests in the art world include discovering new talent, attending international art exhibitions, and engaging with fellow art enthusiasts.

Lia Snisarenko’s dedication, expertise, and unique approach to art selection and curation make her the ideal advisor for all of your contemporary art needs. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer eager to learn, Lia’s balanced and engaging insights will inspire trust and confidence in her art advisory services.

Our Values

At Art Axcess, we are dedicated to providing outstanding art advisory services with a strong ethical foundation. Our company's culture and ethos are built on six core values that guide our every decision and interaction with our clients. These values ensure our commitment to transparency, legal compliance, client interests, and conflict-free services.

Transparency and client prioritization.

We believe in being completely open with our clients about our compensation structure, ensuring we always prioritize their interests. Our clear and upfront approach allows clients to trust us and be confident in our recommendations to help them build their art collections.
We provide detailed reports to our clients, outlining the rationale behind each suggested acquisition, the market trends, and the process to ensure they understand our approach to curating their collection.


No inventory, consignment or private dealing.

At Art Axcess, we do not keep any inventory for sale, offer artwork on consignment, or engage in private dealing in any transaction. This enables us to provide unbiased advice to our clients that is solely based on enhancing their collection, and not influenced by sales targets or personal gain.
When offering an advisory service to a client, we conscientiously provide them with a wide range of artwork options from various sources so they can make an informed choice that best fits their personal aesthetics and preferences.


Legal compliance and tax laws.

We strictly adhere to all state and federal legal practices and tax laws. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their transactions and investments are conducted ethically and in full compliance with the law.
Our team stays updated with the latest tax laws and regulatory requirements, enabling our clients to navigate the complexities of art investing in a legally compliant manner.


Thorough acquisition research.

To ensure the legitimacy of all the artworks we recommend, we conduct extensive research into their history, providence, and authentication. This diligent approach helps safeguard our clients’ investments and maintain the integrity of their collection. When advising a client on a potential acquisition, our research includes examining auction records, provenance history, and collaborating with experts to authenticate the artworks.


Responsible services.

We are dedicated to avoiding any services that could potentially harm or go against the best interests of our clients. Our professional responsibility is to protect and enhance our clients’ collections, and we consistently strive to act in their favor.
When evaluating potential artwork acquisitions, we conduct a risk-benefit analysis to ensure that we only provide recommendations that align with our clients’ objectives.


Building relationships without conflicts of interest.

At Art Axcess, we are committed to ensuring that there are no conflicts of interest between us and our clients. We do not accept financial compensation that could create a potential conflict, allowing us to always provide objective, client-focused advice.
We never engage in transactions where we have a vested interest or personal connection with the artwork or seller, maintaining our independence to serve our clients’ needs.