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Hi! My name is Lia.
I’m a war survivor.

My name is Lia Snisarenko. I’m an art advisor from Ukraine, living in Los Angeles.  I have survived the brutal Russian invasion to Ukraine spending 24 days at the frontline of war.

I have decided to share some of my story to collect donations for Ukrainian military forces who helped me and my family to escape the hell.


The Story…

Absolute evil invaded my country on the morning of February 24th 2022.

From that day until March 20th my family and I were trapped at a village near Chernigiv surrounded by Russian military. They resided in our village and were shelling Chernigiv from there. 

Russian army invasion of Ukraine on March 21, 2022. Source: New York Times

Destruction at the village near Chernigiv. Image source: the author.

Garbage left by Russian army. Image source: the author.

We were hiding at the cellar of our house days and nights, when the shelling and bombing was so strong that the house was shaking and window glass was breaking. We heard rockets, tanks, cannons, air bombs, and more weaponry I don’t even know…

The cellar on a first day of war, before electricity was lost. Image source: the author. 

We lost electricity, heat and running water at the first days. We were using wood to cook limited food supplies, and only the times there was no shelling outside, so we could get out of the cellar.

Me making breakfast at the fireplace. Image source: the author.

Russians broke into our house. We were hiding at the cellar.

Our house damaged by Russians. Image source: the author.

We had almost no means of communication with the outside world as the cellular connection was completely lost. 

I had a rare chance to send a text message every other day. I was reaching for help to my friends. There were no means to charge a phone. 

During my weak attempts the reach out for help, so many people were trying to evacuate us (what I figured out later). But no one could even approach our village because it was one of the hottest spots at the war frontline. I remember the day I started losing hope…

Destroyed house in the village. Image source: the author.

The escape

One morning I caught a text message from my friend that Robert aka Madyar is with Ukrainian Military Forces and he might help. I reached out to him. His voice was very confident and I believed him that there could be a way for us to escape from the siege.

No one but only Robert could guide us to get out of the village a week later. It was a long and very dangerous journey from the village to Chernigiv and then to Kiev in one day. 

On March 20th we escaped to Kiev. I will never forget the morning of March 21st – starting the day without bombs flying above my head for the first time for such a long time.

Me, Robert, Uliana and my brother Roman in Kiev on the night of March 20, 2022

Kiev. Morning of March 21, 2022. Image source: the author.

Donation for UAVs

Robert (a.k.a. Madyar) is a Ukrainian businessman and art collector, who on February 24th sent his family away from Kiev and himself joined Military Forces of Ukraine to protect his country and save his people from that ABSOLUTE EVIL which Russia brought to Ukraine.

Robert and his team was one of the first who entered Bucha and Irpin on April 1st after Russians withdrawal. The courage, bravery and dedication of this man to Ukrainian people is immense. 

Roberts and his wife Natalia before the war. Image source: courtesy of Robert’s Facebook account

Robert (second right) with his team at the front of the war  at the south of Ukraine, June 2022. Image source: courtesy of Robert’s Facebook account.

After Russian withdrew from the North of Ukraine and shifted to South, Robert and his team also relocated to the Mykolaiv area and since then are taking part at the hottest battles.

Much of the success of the operations Robert and his team is taking part at are due to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones, which play a very important role for locating the enemy and saving lives of Ukrainians. 

Robert and his team need 4 customized UAVs which total cost is


Help Robert and his team to save lives of Ukrainian people and win the victory over the absolute evil!

After a detailed study of the capabilities of the world's leading drone manufacturers, we selected a contractor who has agreed to produce the required equipment in a short time frame. These drones have plenty of additional features, enabling them to remain in the air at an altitude of 5+ km for 120 minutes, have a range of 100 km and the latest protection modules against the enemy’s radar systems. We have ordered four UAVs which would play a significant role in our current mission to de-occupy the Kherson region.

Robert a.k.a. Madyar

Donation Transfer Details:


Secure payment with credit/debit cad





Edgar Brovdi 

+380 63 933 07 77 


Kyiv, Skovorodi str. 1, 02000


JSC «UkrSibbank»  USD:

Beneficiary Charitable organization charity fund “MARIKATE

Registration address: 02090, KYIV, Praha str., BUILDING 3, OFFICE 251. Ukraine

Registration number: 43532396

IBAN UA763510050000026006879051982 

Beneficiary bank: JSC «UkrSibbank» SWIFT: KHABUA2K

Correspondent Bank:

BNP PARIBAS U.S.A. – New York Branch New York , USA


Purpose of payment: Irrevocable financial charitable assistance for UAVs