Yevhen Lisniak

"The main driver of my practice is the investigation of tensions between abstract consepts: accidental and ideal, naive and knowledgeable, intuitive and superhuman. In my works, I look for these kinds of ideas and contemplate them into a mixture of visual references of the cultural products that are relevant now: advertising, fashion, cinema, and even works of other artists. In this way, I record emotions, events, and visual images of our time."

Yevhen Lisniak is a dynamic Ukrainian artist whose creative journey is as intricate and diverse as his vibrant works. Born in 1994 and trained as a traditional muralist, Yevhen has devoted his life to mastering the craft of painting and expanding its boundaries through his innovative use of mixed media.

Lisniak’s art is a testament to his profound love for his native Ukraine. His works are imbued with cultural elements that pay tribute to his homeland’s rich history and unique aesthetic. His palette, often dominated by vibrant hues and bold strokes, echoes the radiance of Ukrainian art and culture. Yet, his compositions are far from being mere representations; they are transformative, transcending the ordinary to create visual narratives that resonate deeply with viewers.

Characterized by their dynamic textures and robust colors, Lisniak’s pieces are integrative of oil, acrylic, and various unconventional materials that add depth and dimensionality to his paintings. This complex interplay of mediums and techniques results in artworks that are not only visually striking but also tactilely inviting, engaging the viewer’s senses on multiple levels.

During the challenging times of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Lisniak’s artistic approach took on a new dimension. His work became a form of resistance and a beacon of hope, expressing a yearning for freedom and peace. Despite the harsh realities, he never lost sight of his vision for Ukrainian art – a vision of global recognition and appreciation for its inherent beauty and expressive power.

Lisniak believes strongly in the potential of Ukrainian art to make its mark on the international stage. He actively advocates for advancing and promoting his country’s art scene, working tirelessly to bring it into the global spotlight.

In the contemporary art world, Yevhen Lisniak stands out as an artist to watch. His unique style, coupled with his passionate dedication to his craft and his nation, makes him a compelling figure. His innovative use of mixed media, evocative imagery, and fearless expression of cultural pride and love of freedom contribute to his growing reputation as a leading light in the art world.

Yevhen Lisniak’s art serves as a reminder of the enduring power of creativity and the transformative potential of art. His work not only celebrates the spirit of Ukraine but also embodies a universal message of resilience and hope. This blend of local color and global resonance makes Yevhen Lisniak a truly exceptional artist.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 Time of potentially endless chaos lies next to the endless sweeping of the floor (and painting pictures), The Korsak’s Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, Lutsk Ukraine

2021 Safe Place, Kirisenko Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2021 Existential Exercises, Abramovych Art, Kyiv Ukraine

2020 Hometrips, White World Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2018 Romance of superposition of uncertainty, Steinbarg Gallery, Chernivtsi Ukraine

2015 Exaltio, Dzyga, Lviv Ukraine

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 New dream world, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York USA

2022 Rebound anxiety, Avangarden Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2022 Bravery, Avangarden Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine

2021 Visiocracy, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv Ukraine

2020 Anticipation, The Korsak’s Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, Lutsk Ukraine

2020 One Hundred Days of Solitude, Koopertiv Art Space, Kyiv Ukraine

2019 Вiennale of Сontemporary Art Bread, National Museum of bread, Kyiv Ukraine

2018 First Fine Arts Fire, National Expocenter of Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine

2018 Art Expo New York

2018 27/7, Art Zavod Platforma, Kyiv Ukraine

2016 Photographic Unconscious, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv Ukraine

2016 Under the science, Ermilov Centre, Kharkiv Ukraine

2016 UKRYTE, Osrodek Gallery, Torun Poland

2015 Autumn Salon, Lviv Art Palace, Lviv Ukraine

2015 Mimicry, gallery LNAM, Lviv Ukraine

2014 Autumn Salon, Lviv Art Palace, Lviv Ukraine


The Korsak’s Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, Lutsk, Ukraine


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