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The first edition of Frieze art fair at Seoul ran from September 2nd through 5th and brought together some of the world’s best contemporary art. The art fair was a great success with over 70 000 people attending

With the rise of interest in art, more and more people are starting to attend art fairs to look for artist with an interesting story behind their artworks. The number one place for this type of appreciation in Asian market last week became the Frieze Seoul art fair,  where 110 galleries gathered from around the world.

Image: Tavares Strachan “United States of Africa” and “Black Star Line” by at Frieze Seoul. Courtesy of Bloomberg

Frieze is one the most prestigious art fairs in all over world, and it was not surprising to see such huge crowds when visiting this year’s first Seoul edition for instance – almost everybody seemed intent on viewing artwork or buying pieces from established names like George Condo. Although there are always some newer talents among them. Plenty more emerging talent should be given credit where its due because without these up-and coming creatives we would never hear about many mainstream successes today.

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