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Intimidated by Contemporary Art?

Expand your horizons and unlock the world of contemporary art in just 5 easy steps.

Did you know the global art market was valued at an estimated $67.8 billion in 2022?

Uncover valuable insights from the art world and make your knowledge work for you.

Explore new possibilities

  • Gain a deep understanding of the evolution of contemporary art through the exploration of various art movements, styles, and influential artists
  • Develop your critical analysis skills to interpret contemporary artworks and engage with them on a deeper level
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging artists and trends in the contemporary art scene, helping you make informed decisions when buying or collecting art
  • Learn to apply your newfound knowledge of contemporary art in various aspects of your personal and professional life, from curating a personal art collection to pursuing a career in the arts
  • Foster a lifelong appreciation for art and enhance your overall quality of life by experiencing and engaging with art in your everyday life

Introducing  the course


Deepen your understanding of contemporary art

Art Axcess has the perfect program for you! Our online course is an engaging and comprehensive program designed to get you up-to-date with industry trends and help you overcome challenges faced when appreciating contemporary art.

You’ll find answers to the five essential questions:

  • What?
  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

All this is delivered through a series of 7 bite-sized videos taught by an expert in the field.

What’s included in the course:

Step 1. What is Contemporary Art?

  • Discover the meaning of contemporary art and its role.
  • Understand how contemporary art challenges traditional ideas.
  • Learn about the shift from commissioned artwork to personal expression.
  • Identify themes and ideas reflected in contemporary art.

By the end of this lesson, you will have a thorough understanding of contemporary art and its role in mirroring and tackling themes significant to our current society. This knowledge will serve as a solid foundation for further exploration.

Step 2. How is Art Made?

  • Discover the dual meaning behind the term “medium” in art.
  • Gain insights into various artwork types and their significance in the contemporary art market.
  • Examine the latest trends and preferences among collectors.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the diverse mediums and styles used in contemporary art.

Step 3. When was Art Made?

  • Learn what an Art Movement is and how it is defined.
  • Explore the origins and defining characteristics of seven significant contemporary art movements.
  • Understand how these movements have shaped the contemporary art landscape and continue influencing artists today.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of key contemporary art movements and their role in shaping the dynamic world of art.

Step 4. Where is Art Displayed or Sold?

  • Understand how museums and galleries have evolved to offer engaging exhibition programs, making contemporary art more accessible than ever before.
  • Delve into the role of art fairs and auction houses in raising public awareness of contemporary art and offering access to sought-after artworks.
  • Explore various online platforms, museum websites, and social media sites that allow you to learn and appreciate contemporary art from the comfort of your home.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll better understand the many ways to experience, and engage with contemporary art, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of your budget or location.

Step 5. Why do People Collect Art?

  • Explore the various motivations behind people’s passion for collecting art and the numerous benefits it provides.
  • Discover how collecting can expand your knowledge of diverse cultures, societies, and eras.
  • Learn about the social engagement aspect of collecting art.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the various motivations behind art collecting and the numerous benefits it can bring to your life.

This course is for you if you are...

Aspiring Art Lover

Dive into the captivating world of contemporary art and expand your knowledge.

Art Student

Enhance your academic studies with hands-on insights into the modern art scene.

Creative Professional

Broaden your artistic horizons and discover new sources of inspiration.

Art Collector

Master the dynamics of the contemporary art market and diversify your investment strategies.

Lifelong Learner

Master the dynamics of the contemporary art market and diversify your investment strategies.

Interior Designer

Uncover fresh artists and artworks to elevate your projects and seamlessly blend art into diverse spaces.

Meet your instructor

Lia Snisarenko

With a background in fine arts and an extensive career as an art advisor, Lia has always been passionate about the world of contemporary art. However, she soon realized that many people lacked the knowledge and resources to truly engage with this intriguing field. Determined to bridge this gap, Lia embarked on a mission to share her expertise and make contemporary art accessible to all.
Now, as an accomplished curator, educator, and advisor, Lia is dedicated to guiding students like you through the captivating world of contemporary art. Her engaging teaching style and deep understanding of the subject will empower you to explore, appreciate, and navigate the ever-evolving art scene with confidence. Join Lia on this enriching journey and unlock your potential to become a discerning connoisseur of contemporary art.

What customers say:

As a busy professional with a growing interest in contemporary art, I was thrilled to find Lia's online course. The flexibility of the course allowed me to learn at my own pace, and the depth of knowledge Lia shared was genuinely impressive. After completing the course, I can confidently discuss various art movements, artists, and concepts with ease.

Jacob LaurentGraphic Designer

The comprehensive curriculum and Lia's engaging teaching style made even the most complex concepts easy to grasp!

Sophia BennettArchitect

Lia's passion for contemporary art is infectious, and her engaging teaching style made learning a pleasure. This course has not only enriched my appreciation for art but has also inspired me to start my own collection!

Noah PetersonMarketing Manager

I've always been fascinated by contemporary art, but I never knew where to begin. Lia's online course was a game-changer for me. Her approachable and comprehensive teachings gave me the perfect foundation to build upon.

Ava WilsonFashion Designer

I especially appreciated the insider insights she shared, which helped me better understand the art world's intricacies. Now, I can confidently attend gallery openings and exhibitions, knowing that I have the tools to critically evaluate and appreciate the artworks on display. Thank you, Lia, for opening up this amazing world to me!

Lucas McAllisterFreelance Illustrator

Yes, it’s possible!

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  • Preview of the course structure and materials
  • Watch first video for free
  • No credit card required
  • No commitment

Complete Course

  • Unlimited access
  • 7 videos
  • 5 quizes
  • Workbooks and transcripts
  • List of valuable sources
  • List of recommended books

Platinum Package

  • Complete Course
  • Personalized advice on collecting art that aligns with your taste, budget, and goals
  • 1 hour private consultation
  • Make the most of your art-collecting journey with tailored consultation service

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for the course?

There are no specific prerequisites or requirements for the course. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access, a passion for contemporary art, and a willingness to learn and engage with the course material.

What are the objectives of the course?

The objectives of the “5 Steps into the Contemporary Art Scene” course are to help participants develop a deeper understanding of contemporary art, explore various artistic styles and techniques, stay updated on the latest trends and artists, and learn how to engage with and appreciate art on a personal level.

Is my payment secure?

Yes, the payment is through our partner system Stripe, which is one of the most reliable and secure online payment systems available. Your sensitive financial information is fully encrypted and protected, ensuring that your payment details are never exposed or shared with us. Stripe is compliant with the highest industry standards, including PCI DSS Level 1 certification, which is the most stringent level of certification available for online payment systems. Rest assured that your transaction is safe and secure.

How long is the course?

The course duration depends on the individual learner’s pace. However, it is designed to be completed in approximately 4-5 days. The total length of video lessons is 1 hour. After each lesson, you have to complete a knowledge quiz to proceed to the next lesson. Additionally, you will have the option to download reading materials as well as a list of artworks to familiarize yourself with.

What is the format of the course?

The “5 Steps into the Contemporary Art Scene” course is an online, self-paced program. It combines various formats, such as video lectures, readings, quizzes, and checklists, to create an engaging and interactive learning experience.

How can I contact your support team?

If you need assistance or have any questions, you can reach our support team via email at info@artaxcess.com or by phone at +1 (424) 645-7425. Our dedicated team is available to help you with any concerns or inquiries you may have about the course or your account.

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