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The city of Palm Springs was full of excitement as the second edition of Intersect Art Fair finally arrived.

Thousands of art enthusiasts from around the country had descended upon this desert town, eager to experience its unique blend of contemporary and modern art and design galleries.

From February 9th to 12th, visitors could explore over 50 diverse galleries featuring works by emerging and established artists. Special exhibitions, talks, and off-site events were also held in partnership with local arts organizations throughout the week.

Ted Chapin’s studio and home reception.

On the evening of VIP night, art aficionados gathered at Ted Chapin’s mid-century modern house and studio.
The exterior of the building looked like a piece of art itself: its sleek lines and geometric shapes created an aura that inspired admiration from all those who visited it. Guests stepped inside where walls were adorned with vibrant canvases oozing bold hues; sculptures crafted from found objects created playful shadows across polished floors; bookshelves overflowed with artistic volumes; and furniture pieces carefully chosen for their mid-century modern sensibilities added just enough flair without ever being too overbearing or kitschy. Everywhere you looked, something new was waiting to be discovered—and it felt as if each piece held its own secret story just begging to be told out loud.

Special exhibitions and talks.

The second day was off to a rousing start. The galleries were teeming with activity as art lovers, and industry professionals scurried around, eager to take in all the fair had to offer.

Steven Sergiovanni, an esteemed art advisor from New York, was invited by the fair’s organizers specifically for this event. He welcomed VIPs for a guided tour through several exhibitions that showcased works from some of today’s most talented creatives. As he spoke, guests hung onto every word he said—marveling at how knowledgeable and passionate he seemed about each artist’s work.

Sara Genn’s home and studio reception.

Come evening time, VIP guests began arriving on the scene for what promised to be a truly special occasion: visiting Sara Genn’s home and studio. Sara’s house, surrounded by picturesque mountains and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, made it feel like no other place on earth. Guests stepped inside, where walls were adorned with vibrant canvases oozing bold hues.
In addition to having an impressive collection of artwork inside her home, Sara also shared stories about how she came up with each work–from concept sketches to finished paintings–in a very engaging manner that captivated everyone present there. There wasn’t anything quite like witnessing firsthand how Sara’s creative vision came alive within her space—it was simply magical.

The show’s final night descended upon Palm Springs but not without giving those lucky ones in attendance one last memory sure never forget: experiencing true artistic inspiration amidst beautiful surroundings surrounded by good friends both old and new alike…

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