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“Atlas”, 2022 is an exploration of societal pressures and individual responsibility, as envisioned by Ukrainian contemporary artist Feros. Drawing inspiration from the ancient titan Atlas, known in Greek mythology for his immense burden of holding up the heavens, Feros’s work delves deep into the modern struggles of identity, cultural heritage, and the weight of societal expectations.

In this striking piece, the central figure stands as both a symbol of society and an individual, capturing the dual roles many of us navigate in our lifetimes. The array of objects and motifs surrounding the figure gives voice to the myriad challenges one faces, echoing the sentiment that at times, we are unprepared to bear the weight thrust upon us, yet inevitably, we find the strength to endure.

One cannot help but be drawn to the mask adorning the figure’s face, a poignant reflection on identity and the societal pressures that often force us to conceal our true selves. This mask, juxtaposed against a backdrop of contemporary and traditional artifacts, eloquently underscores the tension between embracing modern values and preserving cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the collection of varied items suggests stories of displacement and migration. While distinct, these disparate elements come together to paint a narrative of movement, blending cultures and the challenges inherent in navigating diverse societal landscapes.

With “Atlas,” Feros not only pays homage to the resilience of the mythological titan but also shines a light on the enduring spirit of humanity. The artwork is as a powerful reminder of our capacity to bear life’s burdens, even in the face of overwhelming odds. It’s a celebration of the delicate balance between the individual and society, between tradition and modernity, and between the masks we wear and the true selves we conceal.

This masterpiece is not just a visual delight but a journey into introspection, urging viewers to reflect on their own ‘Atlas moments’ and the crossroads of meaning in their lives.

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