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“Power of Light” elegantly combines abstraction with conceptual depth, showcasing Feros’s exceptional ability to manipulate color, form, and texture into a vibrant visual symphony.

Upon initial observation, the viewer is immediately drawn into a dynamic dance of juxtaposed elements. Bold, lively colors dance with soft pastels, while geometric shapes wrestle with fluid forms, evoking the eternal duality of structure and chaos. This interaction speaks to the human condition, echoing our internal battles and harmonies.


At the epicenter of this painting is the recurring motif of light. Feros, with his exceptional command over the medium, allows light to penetrate every corner of the canvas, creating pockets of radiance amidst the shadows. This light serves as a symbolic beacon, a reminder of the inherent brightness within each of us and its potential to illuminate even the darkest corners of our lives. In a world where adversity often obscures our path, “Power of Light” encourages us to acknowledge and harness our inner glow.


Feros’s Ukrainian heritage, rich in folklore and resilience, subtly permeates his work. The blend of shapes may suggest traditional motifs and symbols, while the color scheme subtly reflects the vibrant tapestry of Ukrainian culture. Yet, Feros’s brilliance lies in his ability to make these cultural references universally relatable, emphasizing shared human experiences and emotions.


“Power of Light” is an invitation for introspection. It encourages viewers to embark on a personal journey, reflecting on their inner light and strength. In a world that often seems fragmented, this painting, with its intricate interplay of elements, beckons us toward unity, hope, and inspiration within ourselves and the world around us.

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