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The exhibition “Point of No Return ” explores Eugene Lisniak’s profound series “The Planting Season”, inaugurating the Art Axcess Gallery’s opening in West Hollywood. As the show’s title suggests, it sets a benchmark for comprehending the impact of global events on Ukrainian contemporary art, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian war. This exhibition is a chronological journey through Eugene Lisniak’s 2020-2021 works that capture the essence of human resilience.

The shown series of works, which began in winter and culminated in spring, is marked by its vibrant hues and bold brushstrokes – hallmarks of Lisniak’s distinctive style. His use of striking colors – the deep blues of winter skies, the rich greens of new growth, the fiery oranges of the setting sun – breathes life into the canvas, capturing the essence of each season with remarkable fidelity. These techniques, combined with the artist’s keen sensitivity to the world around him, have enabled him to create a body of work that captures the essence of this tumultuous historical period.

The impact of the pandemic is palpable in the early pieces from this collection. The choice of cool tones – blues, purples, grays – coupled with stark lines and restrained compositions reflect the sense of isolation and uncertainty experienced globally during this time. However, these elements are not merely aesthetic choices; they serve as visual metaphors for the collective struggle against an unseen enemy and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

As the series transitions into spring, there is a noticeable shift in tone. The compositions become more dynamic, the colors warmer and more diverse. The brushstrokes are bolder, the lines less rigid, reflecting the chaos and beauty of rebirth. The joyous and life-affirming mood of these paintings mirrors this global sentiment.

Lisniak’s mastery over space, color, shape, and depth is prominently showcased in “Point of No Return”. His abstract works are marked by a signature blend of intensity and restraint, chaos and order. They not only serve as aesthetic elements but also as carriers of emotion and meaning.

The exhibition concludes with a continuation of the broader conversation on how global events shape contemporary art. It highlights how Lisniak’s works stand as a significant contribution to this discourse. In essence, the “Point of Reference” exhibition resonates with the collective experience of struggle, resilience, and rebirth, encapsulating the transformative power of Eugene Lisniak’s art in these tumultuous times.

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